Sacred Sites of Hawaii, Religion in Paradise: Oahu — $14.99

Hawaii has been held in reverence as being a sacred place that provides all people a means to connect with their own spiritual pursuits and give them a meaning to being. Those powerful connections and personal spiritual quests are fulfilled within the Sacred Sites of Hawaii.

This 2-disc, feature-length documentary features twelve sacred sites, telling fascinating stories of theology to architecture.

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Home of The Brave, Hawaii Victory Tour — $19.95

A visually unique, informative and unforgettable look into events before during and after the December 7th Pearl Harbor attack. Glen Tomlinson and Olav Holst present an easy to follow format that is both entertaining and educational for the entire family.

Reminiscent of old time radio dramas, it reveals compelling individual human interest stories from various historic Oahu military sites. This newly released documentary includes rare and never before seen photographs and video provided by scholars, historians, family members and Pearl Harbor survivors.

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